What is SwiftReceipt?

SwiftReceipt is the fastest digital receipt validation service in the UK. Our simple SwiftReceipt platform allows you to run a promotion without the need for outdated on-pack codes. Our clever technology allows your customers to easily upload a photo of their shopping receipt to your own dedicated microsite. SwiftReceipt’s technology then instantly validates the receipt and your customer is rewarded in minutes.

Digital receipt validation is the latest shopper marketing trend taking the retail industry by storm. It's a great way to data capture important information about your shoppers, retarget customers and cross-sell across multiple brands and categories and retain customers in an age where customer loyalty is hard to come by.

SwiftReceipt gives your customers the instant gratification they crave, we ensure digital rewards will be received within 1hr, and physical rewards will be despatched within 24hrs via our in-house fulfilment service.

So, what are you waiting for? Start rewarding your customers now!

Want to see how SwiftReceipt can maximise your promotions?

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