December 15, 2017

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Why on-pack promotions still reign supreme

June 21, 2017

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A Guide to Types of Shoppers

April 13, 2018



When it comes to shoppers psychology, there are many things to consider. Even very little details such as the smell of a store or the color of the signage can have a large part to play in whether the customer makes a purchase.


The retailer should also consider who the target market is, as for example, female shoppers tend to be influenced by very different things than male shoppers. In addition to just male and female differences, there are many different types of shoppers that should be considered.


The Bargain Shopper – This type of shopper is very price conscious, therefore may be drawn to sale signs or the red color, which is often related to clearance offers. This type of shopper is likely to use coupons and discount codes and buy items at the best price she can find. 


The Researcher – This type of shopper will conduct a lot of research on every item she wants to buy before she purchases it. Much of this research will be done online, so ecommerce stores should be sure to provide a lot of detail about products on their website.


The Impulse Buyer – 84% of all shoppers have made impulse purchases, so stores should always be prepared for this type of shopper. Emotions play a big part in purchasing, therefore things that appeal to the customer’s emotions can have a large role to play. As surprising as it may seem, smells have the power to play with an individual’s emotions, so this could be something to consider here.


The Loyalist – 62% of millennials feel that online content drives brand loyalty, therefore they will buy everything from the brand they love, rather than one they have never heard of before. Many shoppers belong to brand loyalty programmes, so this could be something to consider.



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