December 15, 2017

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Why on-pack promotions still reign supreme

June 21, 2017

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Why shopper marketing is a force to be reckoned with!

May 4, 2017


Shopper marketing is becoming a science and being able to implement it effectively can have astounding effects on business sales. It has progressed a lot in the last few years as more and more businesses are implementing it by deploying whole “shopper marketing divisions”. It has grown from being a method of up-selling customers on a price-point basis into a way to truly understand your customers wants and needs and thus marketing them effectively with focused products that they will naturally want to buy. Some estimates believe that shopper marketing alone is an industry worth £1.5bn and huge brands are deploying it.


Here are 3 reasons why shopper marketing really is a force to be reckoned with:


1. Social media is continuing to grow

Being able to engage with consumers after they have made a sale is a key part of shopper marketing and if brands can integrate themselves effectively with a customer’s social media presence, the effects could be phenomenal. Spending time on social media has fast become the second most time-consuming activity of an average person’s life and research suggests consumers will spend almost 5 and a half years of their lives in total on social media. So, by offering deals that integrate within this, such as digital receipt validation or the ability to visit and share their Facebook page and get a special discount, then brands have access to the inner day-to-day workings of their customers and also their friends.


2. Consumers are holding more of the power

Five to 10 years ago, online purchasing was not what it is today and consumers had more reason to visit physical stores, meaning brands held the power in the buying relationship. Nowadays, with easier access to information, consumers hold more power in deciding where to purchase. This is only going to increase and, as such, brands need to build this stronger personal relationship with their customers to hold on to them.


3. The technology is there

The arena for big brands to communicate with their consumers is growing. An example is Kellogg’s recent “Open For Breakfast” campaign, which allowed children and parents all around the globe the chance to visit their site and ask questions and watch videos (which included famous YouTube icons) and to gain a deeper insight into the Kellogg’s brand and how they can be a part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. This campaign has the power to bring Kellogg’s cereal into the homes of millions of consumers all around the world and this is only possible due to the ever-growing access to fast online technology.


The possibilities are growing and so the results are presumably endless. Who’s to say that this £1.5bn market couldn’t grow larger as more and more brands catch on and make it a key part of their strategy? It could easily become the case that shopper marketing will be the marketing strategy of 2017.

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